Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Under bridge graffitis

A bit of courage from me, going this time from the Royal Festival Hall not towards the Westminster bridge but, along the Thames, towards the National theater. but so interesting!

Some part was a lot less illuminated, like these walls with very colorful graffiti on them, I even found two young people, a boy and a girl in different places, trying their hands on them, adding their own marks to it.

And I found a bookshop, with great books, how could I resist? Wonderful reflections on the water again, and also on the building what great colors the night can offer me when, exceptionally I stay late out!

It is not so exceptional now as I go each week to my groups meeting, but still unusual. Only problem was getting colder, not near the watter in the center of the city but coming home and waiting for the bus to arrive. But what I have seen was worth it!

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