Monday, October 20, 2008

Joy of life

Young, as him, or younger, or old and older, I found yesterday at Trafalgar Square so many interesting people!

And most of them told me Yes, you may take a photo of me, some were flattered or even happy with it, but a lady with beautiful intelligent eyes and face, inside a photo expo at the Royal Festival Hall even told me: I am flattered!

That never happened before.

I did get "thanks" for remarking and taking them from time to time, but no one felt, let's say better, no one expressed it like that.

I met so many interesting people so far in London! And yesterday was a special day. I decided, this morning to do a book with people of old ages and origins expressing the Joy of Life (my name on flickr photos).

The reunions of Artist's Way and the book too, and all those great people give me the courage to do it.

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