Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wonderful contacts!

As you see, I played on the square, and the nice, friendly policemen, proposed to take a picture of me in their hat.

Here it is!

Then, I wanted to try the other hat also, and they did let me have it and took a photo with that too.

Later, I had good contact with people from the Barkleys, and then with a familly whom you can see between my last images, at first looked strange to me as I was making "candid" pictures, without asking. Then, I did ask, and they also posed to me and for me.

I went from one contact to another, and spoke to many different groups of people, having come home not only with a lot of photos but with joy on my heart. I hope, I gaven some of it also to people met on the Trafalgar square sunday, at Diwali festival.

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