Thursday, October 9, 2008

Shadow hunting

Shadows and reflections, in so many media! Of course, on the ground daytime if there is a bit of sun, but also when it rains in the puddle. The river at the night or here, last year, Andrea was in Inde, visiting the city palace in Jaipur in Rajasthan, and was fascinated by two huge silver urns that the local maharaja had made to bring water from the Ganges with him to drink when he traveled abroad to England.
I can see so many mysterious things in this image. One did not travel so easy and light that days!

Andrea's image is a bit confusing like a Puzzle but so much is in it, and also what magnificent colors! But she is attracted often to reflections.

Here are some of my reflections and shadows, taken this week.

The evening lights on the Thames, the morning shadow of a Lady.
Blackheath village church on the Heathn reflected in a shop window or the shadow of a passing person on a brick wall.

I am learning. One can learn of any age!

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