Monday, October 6, 2008

Covent Garden London portrait Meetup

London Portrait Meetup group visited yesterday Covent garden.

For our first meeting, our task was to take candid portraits of people showing the "sens of place".

It was raining outside, but the old market is covered, also there is no more "market" there but was transformed to an amusement place and turist's attraction.

It is realtively easy to take "candid" pictures of people there, they are absorbed in what they are doing. Most of them.

I did ask some, as I did pictures also for myself and I do like talking with people too.

You may see the set Covent Garden Meetup slide show or just go through them one by one. I did come home with more then hundred images but did put on (for the moment) only some thirty of them.

It was a great first meeting and we met again after taking the photos at the Photographers Gallery Café, behind the Leichester Metro.

Next week, we'll go to the British Museum to make portraits in different lightening conditions.

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