Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rose from Margo

My first flowers in this apartment that did not come from myself: a wonderful smelling beautiful rose and lavenders from the apartment's gardens brought to me by Margo.

Together with good addresses. Whom I might see and enjoy, who could cut my hair for not too much and speak about his travels at the same time, Margo's visit was full of interesting snippets.

Yes, I can care for myself, yes, I can buy myself flowers and walk alone on the streets, but it is so much nicer to receive some and have, perhaps once more in my life, sometimes, someone to hold my hand.

I see young and old couples alike walking, holding hands on London's streets.
London too: holding hands
Most of the time, I do not admit, how long I desired that, then got it, then lost it, and that the desire did not go away, to have someone holding, tenderly my hand while looking around.

But then, how could I take photos?

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