Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brittish museum inside, outside

So much happened in only a few hours!

For exemple, I spoke to this man resting at the main entrance of the Museum, his very nice shoes under the bench, after having visited the museum, again.

- I come ofthen here!
- Every day?
- No, but at least every three month, he told me.

I got a picture of him also nearer, while we spoke, he did not mind at all, and someone on flickr have just discovered, me photographing him am in his eyeglasses reflection "blow it up" a woman photographer from Colorado asked me.
Brittish museum meetup-35
So here is the blown up image of, only the eyeglasses, one can see not only me but the surounding colomns of the museum too, at farther, other people arriving.

I never got over how wonderful flickr is to meet people from all over the world, but also as advices and observations about each other images.

Inside, there was a strange light that I have seen only home on my computer screen because of the colored ceiling I think or the lightening, all has a slight green cast that finally I like.
Brittish museum meetup-24Brittish museum meetup-75
I did believe first that was a couple, but perhaps there were mother and daughter, and the daugther's husband or friend took the pictures. Later, they took of us together. They were so cute hugging each other on the stairs!

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