Friday, October 10, 2008

Off Westcombe Park

I got down a station before the Standard, in Blackheath and went up the hill towards Westcombe Park road, as G. suggested me a while ago. Thanks a lot! I did not forget!

And this was the time for it.

Yes, it was a beautiful sunny fall day, and the houses are beautiful and different for the rest. Are they really old, authentic? Those, they were more then one, looked like houses from Normandy!

I also met some people just delivering, one of them with funny tattoos, he was proud that I want to take a picture of them but did not want one of himself.

I also took picture of the fall leaves near the church, it was a great if short walk, the street was nearer me as I did believe.

I am open to any suggestions about what to see, where to go around here, in London, or even in England, even if I can't do it right away, finally, as yesterday, I do.

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  1. Hmm. I wonder if I gave bad directions? Perhaps you didn't go where I suggested. If you start from Blackheath village and walk up the slope past Barclays bank and past the beautiful conservatoire and Blackheath Halls, you turn left after the Halls into a road called Blackheath Park. You can walk along there, turn left down Morden Road, and you will find yourself back on the heath. Or you can do it in reverse. Is this where you went? If not, I recommend it (again)!