Saturday, October 11, 2008

Brittish museum meetup

My camera is tiny but his was huge, as was most of the participant's in the London Portrait Meetup group who came to take at the British Museum în a special light, each other and people wanting to do so.

Beside my collegues, I found as ususal others too, an old lady spoke about the University of 3rd age where I could teach, and onother lady modeled me near a black wall. Yet another couples posed and a man who told me he comes very often, three or four times a year, posed while resting at the entrance.

A group from a far away town come in medieval costumes, very funny! and lots of people posed with them.

Even me...

Of course, I did not make those pictures, but I asked another photographer, there were so many beside us there to take one of me.

There is a strange blue light in there, next time I have to take more care and correct it, even if it is not so difficult to correct home, it takes time. And sometimes, left as it is it makes even an interesting effect.

I learned also that every way, each day is not similar and sometimes the one's seemingly simple are the longest and, even do not take you, a Samedy, where it is supposed to go. "Sorry take the next one". And then the next one tells you the same and the third too.

Finally I took the tube to finish and the train to come home.

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