Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Under and on the footbridge

This monday I did not go down but others did.

This man (or woman) is admiring the river's light, just under the footbridge I passed later through, to go from the Royal Festival Hall (near Waterloo) to Embarcadero and Charring Cross station.

Somehow, even if I have taken other pictures too and other people's portraits that evening, this one symbolizes more for me the enchantment of the night illuminations - not only for me!

I have taken three different pictures with different exposure, and here is the darker one that gives better the background.

Then, on the bridge, someone took one of me, after I have taken three of them together with the background on the other side.

Those are more "posed" pictures but sometime candids reflect, I think more, tell more - and that even if they are more "documentary" then "artistic" and more experimental, as they are my night photos for the moment.

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