Monday, October 13, 2008

Brittish museum happenings

So this is what made me stop to speak to the man on the bench, without his shoes, who visits the British Museum almost every three month, and for sure, he must go inside and discover something new every time.

Suddenly, my eyes (and camera) were attracted to the young woman, wanting to leave a trace of her baby having been there. As the baby did not really want to do it, finally, she did.

After, when she turned to enter the museum, I asked if I can take a photo of them and she posed, happy and proud of her child.

Inside, I met them again, at least twice. She let the baby crawl a bit alone, and he or she crawled into my photo as I was taking this - and made it so much more interesting!

But the shadows contribute to it too, I think. Yes, in my group Afterclass it is the shadows and reflections month, so I look more around thinking of them, finding them again and again.

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