Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Begin, somewhere

Night patterns (26)Begin!

Does not matter where: just go there, be there.

Begin with something, jump in the water.

The solutions will arrive when you are inside, not when waiting for them staying around it.

May I take a video of you? Say yes, as I did, not knowing where it would lead, why it could be of any interest to do it. What I'll do with it, why does she want to do it? I did not know yet. It will lead to somewhere.

London night around WaterlooMay I go to speak in English to students in King's College? Yes, I'll go. What I'll speak about, how? I was not sure. Taking pictures of patterns in the night? Good idea, but where to begin. Wherever. I begun from the bus, then the street. Try to follow a bike. Take the red buses. It could lead somewhere.

We worked yesterday making a first DVD from some of the 100 video rushes Sana has taken on Brick Lane market with me interacting with people met there, taking pictures of them on my tiny camera.

Here Sana with her camera as we met near the Leicester station, put before a pattern.
Brick lane Sunday market-5Horrible skin on my front, white hair in the wind, slow hesitant steps, and yet the interaction worked and the interaction shows on the video, and also the people's joy of having been chosen, having been photographed.

A wonderful short film on why and how to take photography of people, to use and show the students, to photographers hesitating still. Explaining, also the short 15 minutes are self explanatory.

Yes, we all foreigners arriving in London from different parts of the world have something to offer, to add, to teach. Not only taking, but giving too.

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