Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brick lane market's wonderful people

Brick lane Sunday market-26So many interesting, nice people met on the Brick Lane, est London market sunday! He is one of them.

Later, he even posed with me, telling then in French "je t'aime" to prove he does know same French worlds.

Alas, his food, that he gave me to taste then was not all to my liking, lots of fat in it, but it was made friesh on site, almost like in the Palermo market!

So many great people, men and women and so many friendly!
Brick lane Sunday market-42 He, for example explained us that his coat dates from the 60th!

I came home, tired from a 'too much' - also, how can friendliness be too much?

Colors, smells, images, perhaps? We went to fast from one to other savoring all that the great market offered us, Sana, at least as good in communications with people as me.

I do hope, today I'll be able to communicate also well with students whose passion is photography and communicating between them, even if we are different in age, we have lots in common too.

As we found, common grounds with the people met in the market.


  1. I love Brick Lane! So much character, and such great food :)

  2. Hi Julie!

    I was at your talk given at King's, and I enjoyed it. Your pictures and blog are great creative outlets, and I shall be browsing through them soon.

    Have a week full of great photos!