Friday, February 27, 2009


Impro_0109Expectation is so important in life!

If you expect something and get more or less, but often only differently, you feel deceived.

Not of what happened, in fact, or what is or was, but of the difference with what was in your mind only (most of the time) and the reality.

The improvisers of Wednesday, did have great fun enjoyed themselves and had great movements too. Most of the time, they also worked wonderfully together, in team.

The problem in fact with me, was that I did think I'll see something different, that in my mind the Impro I was expecting to see was a "real life" like theater group. I have seen them come up and have a scene, improvise like they would speak in real life, move around, give each other time to speak. Not act, not dance, not speak gibberish or dance almost, but live a happening improvised, more or less before our eyes.

First, it was only a class. To learn to work together. They did work together.

Second, they were not yet experimented, just had their 7th class, even if was the last of the cycle. And mostly, it was not on a scene, so it was more difficult to get used where they stay and what place they occupy. They did need a lot of space.

It also happened often very fast for me. Very loud sometimes. Shrieks, and claps, and cheering, almost like in a football stadium. I prefer quiet and slow that I have time to absorb.

All that were only differences between what I like or not personally, and even more what I expected and what was really there. So I got my first exposure of an Impro group, there are lot others I could go to see. As my expectation change, perhaps the experience too.

I'll go to see also a group giving a performance for audience, just hoping it will be not again a burlesque, because I do not understand (yet?) Brit humor and why most of the time, on TV, the people do laugh of what is happening. I do not like if someone falls on his face or if anyone is laughing of others being nasty. I do enjoy some jokes, but not often.

I should learn to laugh more often! More freely, more relaxed, probably too.

I begin to understand how Brits could expect us to behave in a way, speak as they think we should, and be deceived or grieved that we do not do as they think we should, too. How shocking! She dares to ask "whom you speak about?" She dares to sit in the first row! She...


  1. Hi Julie-unfulfilled expectation is always a bit disappointing to put it mildly. Im not surprised it was tricky to get good photos given the unpredictability of the subjects so dont be too hard on yourself. I think its amazing that you made the effort to come along and I was really touched by that. Sorry it didnt turn out to be your type of thing! I can let you know about some other types of improvised theatre performances going on around London when I see you. Justina

  2. Thank you, Justina! I am still interested.