Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wonders in London

I adore going each Monday night to Center London, near the Thames to the Royal Festival Hall. Either I go by train or the Tube, arriving at Waterloo and walking to the river, or I arrive to the Charring Cross train station, across the river and traverse the foot bridge, either way the lights, sights, movements enchants me each time with new wonders.

Yesterday, I was looking for patterns for my Afterclass Flickr group "night patterns": I did discover so many, inside and outside too, without forgetting "movement" one of our last classes and "color", from which here are two, combined examples.
Night patterns (40)
The train bridge obscures part of the huge wheel, and a train passes!

I would not have done this image, if it was not all I learned in Afterclass, inspiring me.

But I looked for patterns also inside the Festival Hall, at the entrance, I found this. Lots of different patterns, but also something more.
Night patterns (51)
It still stuns me as does the possibility to go there and have many different activities at leisure. Read a book, speak with a friend, relax, use your computer. Meet with others. Without anyone coming and asking "do you have a ticket? did you buy something? what are you doing?"
Hall of the Royal festival hall
Also, even after thousand portrait of "strangers" I remain still in wonder each time someone answer me "Of course, you may!" when I approach them to take a photo.


  1. Julie . . . Great pictures. Good blog. I'll be back. Have family roots in Yarmouth-by-the-sea. Grandfather & family left Charing Cross Station for America in 1905. What a different world it was.


  2. Love the lighting on the Eye in your first shot - gorgeous. I tried to understand how the Afterclass group worked, when you sent me the link, but I fear I don't understand the rules!

  3. Wonderful pictures - and what a wonderful view on life you have.

    You rock!