Thursday, February 5, 2009

In a restaurant, Chinatown

Chinese new year_0211I like to experiment and learn and now it is almost five years past that I can not stop myself to click.

Waiting alone in that restaurant in Chinatown Sunday, I found that light fascinating. The time went then very fast, also I had to wait for the meal to arrive.

I would almost like to go back, find the place, take picture of someone I know under that wonderful light.

And besides, while reading the menu, they did stay quiet, to this image is not blurred, at least not a lot!

Continuing to learn, not also about photography, but speaking about it, I decided to return to the Toastmasters International. Thirty years ago I went for two years twice a month and learned a lot, but lots of it forgotten now, needs refreshing. Other speaking technics need to be better assimilated, so I can use them without thinking too much about them.

Also, learn, again, to prepare more, improvise less.

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