Thursday, February 26, 2009

Visit to an Impro group in London

Impro_0131Yesterday, I visited an Improvisation group, Kentish Town in London: one and half hour with bus, train, metro and foot from home. Interesting, nice people too, but very different as I did believe. In my mind, it would have looked more "natural".

I think, mostly because I do not like the burlesque style, the strong sounds and of course, because it was a class (the 7th or 14th they did together) and not a spectacle.

Even worse, my images they let me take with lots of grace, are almost all bad, only three small videos taken are worth something, and even those so short that they only give some of the mood.

I do not regret the spend afternoon and night, more angry with myself and my camera of the missed opportunity. They had such great movements! Very physical scenes!

Ah, and strangely, the group was taught by a man having arrived 15 years ago from France!

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  1. Hi Julie

    Do you think you could send me this video of the tight jeans scene?