Saturday, February 28, 2009

Brick Lane market with Sana: slide show

This is a slide show of all the pictures I have taken the day we went to Brick Lane together: Sana with her video camera taking me approaching and photographing people met there, their reaction, and me taking pictures, as usual. Here is the latest: my photos together with some music I enjoy.

This is not Sana at the begining, but the first girl I met and whom I asked to pose for me near the brick wall, you'll see her later in the slide show with her camera.

Come with me and follow what I did, or, use the menu and choose a bigger size or greater resolution or even full screen view. At the end, I had to take out a few photos in order to be able to upload it, but I did through away only the very unimportant ones. All the others are here.

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