Saturday, February 14, 2009

University of 3rd age

After looking a lot for it, finally it was an unknown lady I spoke with in the train that advised me: go Friday afternoon at New Cross's Goldsmiths College, they have a conference there every week.

U3A Goldsmiths CollegeThe South East London section of U3A meet there, as I have learned later even before, a lunch together for those wanting to socialize more, then at 2 pm Conference, then a friendly thee for those who still want to linger. I did, arriving home towards five when the sun was going down and the temperature freezing.

Yesterday, we had a fascinating speech about Chocolate, in fact the history, geography and preparation of Cacao. I learned a lot about it but also enjoyed meeting different people (of my age, 3rd age).

How many ages there are?

I feel I had more then 7 different lives, and hope to have some more... not as much the age, but the place I lived and with whom counting it it too.

Anyway, the excellent speaker was older then me, and even more interesting there were about the same number of audience as in my Tuesday speech, but they seemed a lot, probably because the class was smaller and we somewhat occupied the space.


  1. Where is it held? My father is interested in U3A and is visiting me in New Cross for a month in April.

  2. As you see in the photo, it is the Goldsmith College, main building. But there are others held in other parts too.

  3. Thanks Julie. How can I find out more about when they're on and what the topics are?

  4. Every friday they meet at 1 to lunch together those who want and at 2 pm for a conference or a happening,

    I do not have the other activities yet, as I did not get yet the program, it would be better to write me an email, today I do go, come and let's speak about it!