Sunday, February 8, 2009

Together in a corner

I decided to say it like this, there is a whole story about them that I photographed.

Was it two years ago or three?

It was not remarked a lot, but it is very near my soul anyway, even today. You do not show to people holding hands or kissing tenderly, this photo speaks by itself, I think.

I bought a bunch of them and they begin to look at each other from afar already, then got more and more near each other, retired in a corner to be alone. Later, alas, as in my life, one of them got bored, and let down the other.

I imagined then him with another, not so nice, and he did wither fast, still or again thinking what the first had given him. But it was too late.

I took a photo of the withered one, lying at the food of the round, still young. But then happened the unexpected: the round too full of herself rotted from inside, while the old end all dried up, withered still lives on my selfs!

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