Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Really listening

a journal in the tubeReally listening, really looking, really living in the moment is the advice of Patricia Ryan Madson in her book Improv Wisdom. You can also read her blog day by day and look at her new passions results: great watercolors, (but not comment the notes alas).

To be in the Moment completely is not as easy as it seems at first time, because we are all often in our own ways, our own thoughts, anticipating what to do or not, what picture to take or not, what to answer or add, instead of being all there.

Yesterday morning I did pay attention to that journal whose place was not under the sign "keep right" in the tube. And I took the photo remembering my fellow Artist's way photographer who would have noticed it and taken it, probably.

But first I took a picture of the whole, "the pattern" for my Afterclass flickr group.

What is the journal doing there?

I am not sure which expresses the best the situation, but the second picture has to be seen in bigger size to be understood. That is a big issue, some images are better in small size, or as good, others only when looked at in detail that bigger size permits, that is why I decided not to stick in this blog only with smaller images I did at the beginning.

Coming back to "listening", I did try, even if I did not succeed all the time, the listen more carefully, be there more completely, yesterday at my Artist's way meeting. When I did, it was rewarding! I learned new ways, I understood new situations, and even did try to apply it as soon as I went my way toward home. Did take some pictures differently as I would have before, and also begun thinking about writing again some fiction, not only about my own life.

Learning does not finishes at any age.

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  1. Few things could please me more than to discover that a lively women in London is quoting my book. What a treat to know this. I can't wait to read more on your blog. I'm actually
    And, you are right that "living in the moment" isn't as easy as it sounds. But it is worthwhile. I am coming to London early in April for a week in Cornwall painting. Perhaps you would like to join me for a cup of tea while I am in the city?
    Patricia Ryan Madson