Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Was I better five years ago?

I found two CD's with my pictures taken five years ago, around my 70th anniversary.

First reaction: a great joy. Second: "I was good". Third: "Oh, was I better then?"

Here are my cherries "Modern familly" is called, and it was, it is an allegory, taken june 2004.
Cherries as our life

Until now, I did believe I made a huge progress in photography during this five years. Now I wonder. I am any better? Or even: did I loose my edge? I am going forward or backward?

Those were taken in my garden, France, Argenteuil. The cherry tree was "ours" four families living there. And that was years before I discovered they had worms in it...

A huge joy to find some really good oldies, but also a bit of fear "and the new ones are up to them?"

I'll update all my old pictures, slowly on flickr, were I did begin 2005. But my photographic life did start before, as shows me the recovered CD's that I put now, one by one on my new disk where, I hope, is enough place for them, and I also hope to find a good software then to be able to make categories, look at them in different ways, as I do on the flickr website.

I hope, someday, I'll be able to do something I like as much as those cherries. The photos near them (taken just before or after) are proof of my questioning, showing how I arrived there. I put them all in a set on flickr, a new category of "before 70" photographies taken by me.

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