Saturday, February 7, 2009

What beautiful eyes!

I was born in Transylvania, in a city, an University city, old city, but this Hungarian peasant from my first trip back after many years, smiles to me, not only on this image, but also on my wall in London.

He is together with another portrait, of an old woman smiling me in Trafalgar Square in the Diwali festival.

From Bucarest's streets and markets, to London's festivals and people, from Ireland, Morocco, Sicilly, so many portraits and so wonderful meetings!

Two women, one met in London, the other in Palermo,
they smile to me with so much understanding!

Joy of life 5Palermo street & museum-46

A young girl just out from school in Paris, an older women selling flowers in Bucarest, they remain with me and also how we have seen each others.

Paris 19e fall-049Flower seller, Bucarest

Met in Marocco's small market or in Limerick, Ireland, I love taking their photos with me, and the souvenir
In a small market of MoroccoWonderfull, you have too then!

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