Monday, February 2, 2009

Chinese new year faces

So many great people and interesting faces from yesterday, most in Chinatown, some even at Trafalgar Square, although it was almost empty in the morning.

As I arrived too early, I went in the National Portrait Gallery, there still is on a Award winning portrait photo corner. Most of them, look like paintings! But perhaps, that was the concourse about?

The young girl here is not of Chinese origin, but so pretty with the big winter hat and the umbrella probably just bought!

And inside a shop, I found a Chinese Gioconda, a beauty à la Leonardo da Vinci's picture.
Chinese new year_0168

In the middle of the street, a great smiling lady distributing prospectus for the Hong Kong transports!
Chinese new year_0192
There was lot of red, and lot of colors all around me and great people. As there were many (and could have been even pickpockets) I went without a bag and with minimum of things and had only great time!

Still lots of photos to study, but the snow is calling me out!

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