Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow come to me

Sometimes, I miss the snow, at least its memory.

In my childhood, in my city, the snow arrived in November and stayed till March, and Christmas day we went sliding, later to ski, at least until I did not break my left leg. After that, I begun again what with fear in my guts.

I went skiting on the park's pond, often, and the snow in winter brings back happy childhood memories.

First big snow in 18 years in London, I am told, how happy! I did not have to go away, in the mountains to be able to touch or photograph it, it came to me!

It is true, the first day I was afraid to go out, but with the sunny day, yesterday, I did go slowly as it was really icy on the ground. Looking down or up, though, it is beautiful! And what a pleasure the children have of it! Now, it is their turn.

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  1. We have also had beautiful snow out in the country - it must be magical to see the capital like that (although, of course, for those of us who aren't there to start with it's impossible to get there now!)