Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Year of the Ox

I published yesterday a photo in this blog, of a lady advertising in the middle of center London street, a Hongkong ferry.

An echo arrived from Flora and her blog in French, written to my french blog. She has already learned English and is learning now French.

Living in Hongkong, Chinese, she recognized the Victoria ferry they have in their harbor, whose replica my lady in the photo was wearing around her, in central a London street.

What a pleasure to have a reader from Hongkong and what a good surprise too.

I went to her blog and instantly felt solidarity: I have also problems with "elle ou lui" when speaking of objects in French. Why should they have "genres"?!

It was a great pleasure to read her text, and she also taught me that "ox" is not translated, as my dictionary told me also in "boeuf" but bouffe, which is not the same animal, in fact. We are not in the year of "vache qui rit" but of an old and fericous one, as I understand now better.

Alas, I still not know in which year I was born because the Chinese calendars I found every place do not go so far! Who does know what year was 1934?

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  1. Assuming you were born after Chinese new year, that would be the year of the Dog. Same as me.