Monday, February 23, 2009

How much more?

More red in original Sunday Times writes that the gap between men and women life expectancy diminishes, of course the writer must be very young, for him around 80 seems already plenty to live.

Not for me.

I arrived in London at 74, this year I'll be 75 soon, it is difficult for me to imagine that my life would end in only five years!

The glass is not yet empty!

The shadow of what will come suddenly seems frightening, as it is in the photography taken yesterday in a sunny morning moment, home. The vase seems bigger, larger on the wall, the years to come before me seems to shrink suddenly, after I read how many more years I have to live. "If the health is good."

Suddenly it came to my mind the question that I should never forget: "What I really want to do with what I still have. What is important?" And also to care better for my health. But I feel that my health will not improve with worry, so I'll just try to forget that, for me, nasty paper!


  1. I hope you have many more years ahead to explore & photograph. I love that vase :)

  2. I am sure that he is a very young person! And yes, with a spirit and zest for life and joy like yours - I am sure you will see at least 110 years on this earth!