Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friday, 20 February

The firsts flowers on the road side, near the Heath.

As I followed and "hunted" the fall, now I can begin with the spring, too! And so near the snow fall, too.

Yesterday I eat together at the Goldsmiths College of New Cross with other more then dozen elderly, not expensive, good, and mostly giving us the possibility to discuss before the conference of the "university of third age", U3A.

I also filled out yesterday the paper to register and send my check for 15 pounds for a whole year.

Did not really like to having the conference read instead of spoken, but the music was great and the speaker told us many interesting things, alas some of them were lost to me, even if I was on the first row to hear it better, in the fast reading. But I got succeeded to get the guist of it, asked for the name of the journalist he spoke about (my English neighbor did not got his name either) and will read his autobiography, for sure must be interesting! I also decided to listen more to music from now on, non "more" let's be franc, say "listen from now on".

We were about 30 attending, more or less the same as the last time.

The organizer Ann, told me when I spoke how nice her rose pull looks: "yes, specially put on for the photos!" in jest, but it does look nice!

Also he did tell me "yes, take photos" the retired journalist, music amateur, was more difficult to be photographed, also his patterned shirt looks great on all the images. He does have a great smile, but so fleeting, going away before the camera could catch it.

Going out, I found this great lady enchanted to be photographed. What a great subject!

She came also to listen to the music, but I met her sitting at the locker room, probably near her daughter working there. When I passed near them again, they waived towards me already warm and with big gestures as to someone familiar.

The lights were on when I got out, great pictures of them in the "blue hour", as I did also others on the upper deck of the bus in the next hour going through Greenwich in the rush hour as the only passenger of the bus!

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