Sunday, March 1, 2009

One does not need a lot!

London spring flowers_0011
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Two flowers under a tree, spring.

One does not need a bunch of flowers, even if I did find sometimes, enchanted lots of them. For example as separations between two houses: what a charming way to unite more then separate!

This morning I was finally told I have to take out ALL my blogs from the list in flickr and then add them back, in order to be able again, after weeks, to send images from my flickr site to my blogs.

It worked!

Any time something hurts us and then magically it goes away, ok, sometimes not alone, we have to do something for that to happen: what a joy! My teeth does not hurt any more! I can walk again!

My images come almost alone now from one place to the other...

But the thoughts it brought me this morning were different ones, the memories of times I had to leave things to go on, to continue my life. Each time, it gave me a heart ache, each time it was necessary, it was worth it.

Today, I do celebrate with this two crocus under the tree. My soul is full of joy.

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