Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good intentions

Having found a great teacher, Tanakawho a great photographer from Japan, this month for the Afterclass, for a theme chosen Animals around us, this month I can relax.

Take it easy.

Be more active and also loose the weight I gained last weeks.

I am back to where I was in September last year!

- Why? What happened? the Weight Watchers animator asked me, yesterday.

I told her a funny story. A true story.

I was invited for the Christmas diner and at that occasion, I received a gift: a box of chocolates. I was very "good" and "forgot" the box there - to keep me far from temptation, of course.

The next time I met, they gave me the "forgotten" gift. I took it and, of course, once home, I could not resist and eat it all.

Everyone laughed, at the Weight Watchers meeting. They did understand, so well!

The tale was true. But not the real answer to the question.

I did not gain weight because of the chocolate. I did not gain weight because my family was away for Christmas time. I did not gain weight because of someone other.

Thinking more about what happened, why from December I begun to gain back weight, this morning I remembered: I stopped swimming every morning towards the end of the last year!

I went away from the Weight Watchers yesterday, full of good intentions and bought lots of vegetables. "It is heavy, but it is worth it" I told myself.
Bonne intentions après WW-1
After eating some carrots, tomatoes, I cooked the big mushroom put a bit of Parmesan on it, added a skinned chicken leg.

Later, I prepared a big casserole of mixed vegetable soup for the evening and next days.
Bonne intentions après WW-8
Good intentions.

Alas, I forgot the soup on, it burned. No vegetable remained in it, all carbonized! Nothing else burned, but the vegetables, but I'll have to begin all over again.

And I'll stick with my diet from now on, go back to swim in the mornings. Tomorrow!


  1. I had a good laugh reading your story... as I am exactly like you !