Saturday, March 7, 2009

Acts of love, by Judith Michael

Depending from what angle one takes them, they touch each other or are only, still are, very near each other.

What is or is not as it seems, as one shows us at first depends on how it is shown and why and the intentions of those writing or showing.

A photography is not a scientific proof more then the name (or pseudo) of a novels author.
Not so near
"Acts of Love is a heart-warming and passionate tale of love, mystery and miracles from New York Times bestseller Judith Michael."
That is what one can read on the back cover of the book.

I loved it!

But is it a mystery? I am not sure. And there are no miracles in it! Two very attractive middle age people, passionate for theater, and a dead older great actress who finally, succeeds to reunite them. Mostly, it is about the fight to find someone you really can relate, about not to let it go, but also perhaps even more the passion of those in theater or writers to show us what we feel or to give us courage.

Courage after big strokes of the destiny. Not only to survive, but to go through, to admit we are changed, to make new life for ourself. To open again to the word. To continue, even changed. To reflorish again.

A very well written book that I could not put down or not easy, even to sleep. After I finished, I wanted to know more about its author.

Judith Michael does not exist.

For more then 15 years now, a couple, Judith and Michael write together romances, books. From very modest they did see more then millions of their books sold.

Judith Barnard (born 1934) (same year as me) and Michael Fain (born 1937) a few years younger, they begin to publish together, as I see, only after having made each their own career.

They went through terrible problems, she did have a breast cancer. They used it to strengthen others too, not writing about cancer but someone whose appearance did change. The heroine in the novel, an actress who after a terrible accident had to cope with a new body, new face. Grey hair.

"But I love you, I love you for how you are, what I are, as you look now, he said to her."

After reading their interview, the book took more significance to me. Told me even more. What a great courage that couple has! Use in fiction - romantic beautifully written one - what they went through, for him to tell "Yes, you did change but I love you how you are" and her, to go on and out, as I think she did, she does.

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