Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Encounters, in French "rencontres".

Some wonderful. Like this two young girls that were taking photos of the swans on the small lake of the Heath.

"May I take of you?" I asked.

They posed for me with a huge smile.

Others are sad, make me tremble "will I ever become like that"? Yesterday I met also an old lady. She lost her way and did not find any more how to go home.

"I do not live far, but do not remember any more how to go there. I just bought these, and I know the street but I do not find the house any more."

She was on a wrong street, but not far away, still lost and very confused.

As I did not live here long enough to know the streets, I found her someone more knowledgeable to help out, she had a car and volunteered to take her there. I hope it will be years and years and if possible never that happens to me. Also I did dream some time ago a lot about being lost, but perhaps it was when I felt like it in my life.

Not knowing how to go home, after having bought bred. Terrible!
outside colors reflected inside
Wonderful spring all around, great odors coming from the trees, nice air caresses, but all it is wain if you feel and even worst, you are lost.

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