Saturday, March 21, 2009

U3A meeting, Friday

Very warm welcome and interesting meeting, yesterday.

I learned a lot of different things, about the University of Third Age, (created in France!) and now for more then 13 years in London too, and also about Group interaction, through a very interesting speech of Zazia Pratt, Education Development Officer.

I did not stop until now enough to think about Group dynamic!

From now on, I'll be more aware, and also I'll try to read about it. U3A meeting friday-5 U3A meeting friday-3

One of the topics she did not have the time to speak about: what happens and how when a new member drops in an already formed group. "It is good for the group, even if for the moment it takes it out of the comfort zone, even necessary" she told us.

U3A meeting friday-4 U3A meeting friday-6
But in fact, there are a lot more to talk about, and I feel necessary too. So I look forward to hear her next time about that important topic in the u3a, as so many groups are already formed for month and years and lately so many of us come new, and try to fit in one or two of them.

Not easy for us, not easy to them. In any case, yesterday, I did not feel at all not fitting in, or not welcomed, it was a wonderful bunch of people, all of the third age and all active in organizing groups and activities.

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