Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sometime in life

Sometimes in life there are "good series" of events.

Of course, usually one has to do something to arrive to them... I did swim, then at the WeightWatchers meeting I found out that I lost two pounds this week, so the slide down begun again. And coming home afternoon, I learned I'll be the Mystery speaker tomorrow evening.

What I'll spoke about? Myself. The Ice breaker, as the first speech in the ToastMaster series, is an "easy" 6 minute speak about oneself. Easy?

How can speak in so little time about more then 70 years?

Should I speak about only one aspect, one passion? Which would be that? Perhaps communicating. Through writing, through photography, through speaking.

And of course, one has to add to it reading, listening, dialog. And... ok, more intimate passions too, if I want to be sincere, but their place is not in this speech! And those do not depend only of me. For example to caress someone, I have to have my grand son near me... and so on.

I do write. Day by day. I take picture everywhere. And now, through Toastmasters, I have more and more occasions to speak and listen.

I wanted to speak about my origin, mother language, country of birth (not the same) too and my change of profession. My nationality and the country I did live the most, and... so much in so little time. I am still not sure what I'll do.

Do not speak too well, I was told, not make afraid the guests. Ah? That is also a mastery I'll have to learn: "not to speak too well"!

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