Tuesday, March 10, 2009

London's Mayor

Boris Johnson, London's Mayor, was elected just a few weeks before I arrived to live in London. What an interesting, great personality.

Already I liked him as old woman, when he did keep his promise to let the elderly use the bus and tube also between 4 and 9 in the morning.

Yes, I have to admit that as much I regretted not being to able to go at 7 to swim without paying the fare before December, I did not go often enough from January. But I will, I will.

Yesterday, I watched the Parliament Channel on Television, for the first time I had seen the city counsel meeting. I did like a lot how he answered, spoke, of the importance of some questions and explained that he hoped they will care not of partisan politics but on London's life in that open forum. Lots of interesting things, but mostly I watched the interaction. He is a very good leader, speaker!

But what did decide me to write about him was what he told the Nationalist who spoke about "we having founded London should live here not the strangers coming in".
Ah, only the Italians should live in London? The romans founded it! - he answered.
But then, more seriously, he also told how much those coming to London from all over, enriched it and still enrich it, but also of all those going from London to work and live in the other countries. "It would be a tragedy to have them send away" he added. Think about it!

Yes, it did not take much to have my heart, from now on, Boris has it. I believe London is very lucky to have such a Mayor.

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