Friday, March 13, 2009

How many points?

I begun! I was given the opportunity to give my first prepared speech at the Toastmaster International, at the Croydon Communicators Club, vare David invited me at the Greenwich meeting.

He was a little disappointed, my speech was not that of an inexperiences speaker, but he did like it enough to ask me to finish it - I did not, I am so sorry now.

I did not understand that he really wanted me to finish in spite that my time apparently run out.

I still have a lot to learn.

I got to tell two of my stories from three, "she traversed the time, thirty years, and she traversed Europe, then the Ocean to America!" one of the evaluators told me, phrasing it wonderfully! But I went only from 10 to 40 not to 70 as I prepared to do.

In fact, my speech was there only to have five different contesters evaluate it, each with their point of view and having not heard what the others said.

Yes, and the biggest compliment was that I was asked to finish it, and I did not understand. I have still so much to learn, to listen between the lines, to obey to a sign!

Thanks Hanna Hunter, thanks Dave Longley and David Thomson for the opportunity to give my speech that otherwise was due only in Mai, and to the warm welcome in fact of all the present Toastmasters to my speech! I did not loose completely my learned skills - almost as riding a bike. But I learn a lot also listening to others speak, great speeches yesterday! How can they cram so much in so little time and still tell it all?

Thanks to Philip, the president of my main, Lewisham group, to taking me there and back and telling me his honest opinions. The discussions with him, help me a lot to progress, to understand better.

And today, a great new day: Red nose comic! But of that, tomorrow. Enough to say, I was given the opportunity to take photos of this occasion. So another wonderful day ahead.

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