Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Buds of early spring

Buds of early spring
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I just heard on the early TV, as I woke up toward five this morning, that the next days the cold arrives again.

The warm, nice days never last enough!

Unless they are too hot, in middle of August, as some time they are in some towns or countries.

I just published a snow photo taken yesterday in New York, being on the web, I feel so much "in the world"!

We had a bit of sun yesterday, but it is raining outside. I'll not go out!

Why not? Walking in the rain can be also interesting!

In fact, any weather, any place, if I look at its half full side, can give something to be happy about. It comes from me, not from outside! But today, till now, it's a gloomy day for me. It depends only on me to change it!

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