Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nous Deux, page 24/25

It is a French weekly magazine, Nous Deux just appeared yesterday. This double page speaks of different people who changed their lives after 50 years old.

In my case, after 70 or, even 74.

Some of them a lot more life changing then mine, but CHOUKROUN Cédric's paper shows that you may change it, that people have done it. Gives courage to others to do it too.

The same magazine had given me courage when I was 33 and at the bottom of my life, making me feel less alone in what was happening to me and my marriage. So I was very happy to be able to give them some of my stories, even of course, just a bit of all of it. Cédric had found and extracted exactly what was needed and told it so well!

Today I feel another circle was closed of my life, and perhaps, I'll be able to speak or write about it more easy, now.

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