Monday, March 9, 2009

A corner in Nothing Hill

At a single corner, I met at the Portobello market of London, not only met, but had a nice contact with them, a number of people!

Oldest is this lady of Asian origin, telling me that yes, I can take a photo, and even later posing for me near the wall I pointed, but that it will not come out well as two teeth of her are missing, alas.

Small, with beautiful warm smile, she lives across the road only.

An other woman, just a bit younger then me, walking with his young looking husband in a fancy dress and hat also caught my attention. Will she let me take a photo of her? She was enchanted I asked! She posed with me also later, his husband having asked if I do not want a photo with her.
Portobello people and sights-100
I also was asked to take a photo of a man just parking nearby, and he also posed near the same wall. I also have taken a photo, at the same corner, of a young girl using her mobile very fancy dressed also. And then a lot of candids of people together, looking, sitting or just passing. So much at the same place in a few minutes only!

I stopped at that corner, because a very nicely arranged dress, with red shoes under it and lots of others arranged so well. The owner, who did the arrangements, was enchanted when I told her how much I appreciate her skill. "Yes, it took me lots of thinking and time, I am so happy you did observe and like it!"

It is really worth interacting with people!

A slide show of the Oxford Gardens / Portobello corner sights and people met.

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