Monday, March 16, 2009

St Patrick celebration

Last year I have to go back to Paris just before the St Patrick's celebration in London and having regretted it, I decided to go this year, because I could.

A little bit reluctant, because of the killings last week and thinking "if anything happens even in London, again" but I did go.

At the beginning, less people on Trafalgar Square then for Diwali, more then the Chineze new year, but then it was snowing, frozing, it was a great almost late spring weather this time.

First impressions: funny hats mostly green, but also some green white red. Those are the Hungarian colors too, even if in reverse order: red white and green. More green in Ireland's and more red in Hungarian's folk dresses too.

The funniest thing happened to me just before the parade begun. I met an older man waiving, in green and with a green and white hat and scarp. Took a photo of him, begun to speak.

Finally, in Hungarian!

He arrived to London in 1956, and was married to an English, had six grand children. We speak with pleasure our mother language that nor him, nor me have not occasion to use often. Did I go to the St Patrick celebration to meet a Hungarian???
St Patrick London Center_0151St Patrick London Center_0081
Not only the Hungarians are dressed or feel Irlandais!
You may see some sights from yesterday in the following slide show.

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