Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last portraits

So many interesting people, and things too, only if we take time and stop. Ask them to pose for us, speak to them.

i had a difficult morning, but then my daughter in law dropped me at the supermarket, and there my eyes fell on this gentleman. Very thin, wait hair, great interesting face.

- May I?
- Why?
- I am a portraitist.
- Why me?
- You have an interesting face.

There were lots of other different reasons, but that was enough. I took two photos then looked at the other seller of fisch (after I bought some) and he was looking as "and me, my face is not interesting?" So I took his too. And yes, a great profile he had!

Before going farther, I did also a profile of the first one, which, for me is the best photography. It does show also how happy he was with them.

You may see all of them taken yesterday Here.

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