Sunday, March 8, 2009

Portobello, after a year

I just realized this morning: my blog just passed the year.

So much happened in a year!

And without knowing before, I went back to the Portobello market, even if at the other end of it, exactly a year later!

A year ago, I came to London in discovery for five days, now I live here. What a difference! Yet, going with a bus, for almost an hour, I realized how much I still have to visit.

Even living a long long life, I'll never finish the discovery.

Met nice people yesterday, from the London Photographic Meetup group, and the market's sellers but also those just strolling around.

More and more I am surprised how easy people speak to me and pose, from very young, middle age to even older then me, women, children, men.

My set of Londoners (people met in London) grows day by day.

So divers, so wonderful people!

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