Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mother's day flowers

Sunday my son come with my grand daughter early in the morning. They did not stay 'we have to go the to other mother' (my daughter in law) but they left a great bouquet of flowers and a card.

Each day, the flowers smile at me, with or without the sun shining, and they opened slowly, changing through days, and with the light, hours.

Having learned from the landscape photography conference that is better to show trees or cows farther from each other, I circled around the lilly to make the petals stand out each of its own.

I realised just yesterday, how lucky I was not to be allowed to make regular studies after 18, I did learn to study all the time and never stopped. Even if I did finish my formal studies finally when I was more then 38 years old, and got a phD in science, I did that also without stopping working. I did not use it a lot, mostly it was a satisfaction against those who in the Communist Romania forbid me to study farther.

So, I am enchanted now with this macro of the flower, I did around 30 images of it from all points of view and I do not know yet which is or not good, but they are better then usual, because I see them different. That is what in general, photograpy had brought me: seeing more around me the world and details I have never payed attention before.

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