Monday, March 23, 2009

Portrait in the Oxo Gallery

Perhaps this is the best portrait from yesterday but I like more the one when the two girls come together, with symmetry in it, I had to move them only slightly, but this has just the right light on her young worm a bit mysterious face and she is just at the right place.

One does not need lots of lights and flashes, the natural light "gives" so much warmer images!

After the Charie Waite conference, that I enjoyed a lot, I went to see yesterday his expo and buy his book about Making Landscape photography. Making, not taking! I learned a lot, at least I hope, and already yesterday I tried to see a little the urban landscape as he does, seeing similarities, chance of the clounds just thus, and so on.
The two beauties at OXO
After taking those, I went up the 8th floor and took some of Tames, and then towards the Tate Modern some others. Here is one of them, inspired by his symmetry and clouds..
Blackfriars on Thames-15
In and around Tate, I went back mostly of people communicating with their environment and each others.
Devant Tate Moderne dimanche-7
But still remembering "keep the trees far from each other if possible".
Devant Tate Moderne dimanche-4
I like this too, so much is going on at the same time!

Then, inside the museum of modern art, at the 2nd floor, I found an old lady knitting.
Interieur Tate Moderne-11d
In two days, so many pictures I enjoy, I'll have to wait for a few days to pass to become more critical of my "children".


  1. Since I got my new camera, I'm taking more photos than ever before - it takes such a long time to go through them all and find the nice ones! How many do you usually take on a day out?

  2. I take often from 80 to 260 images at one outing. Rarely just a few. With digital camera I allow myself to experiment. And sometimes one image leads to the other.

    I am not sure how many if any are "ok" from them, of course. Usually I delete a few, change others, leave the bests as I have taken. Then put a few of them (100 from 300 or 18 from 78 for example) on flickr. Try to put the best last, and on the top of the set something that would attract in small format.