Monday, September 1, 2008

John Vanbrugh's house

Built in 1710 or around it, by the architect and dramaturg John Vanbrugh, the house that looks to me as a caste, just near the Greenwich park is stunning and for me it looks like a castle.

Now, I understood, why there are so many streets around here (even the end of mine who has another name) that are named after him around here.

Yesterday, the sky was blue, today all day grey but the predicted storm and rain did not arrive - yet. Though this morning was foggy and I went out fast to take a picture of the fog around here. Not easy. But I took some I quite like, like this one not far from my place.

but the others were not so bad either.
First fog in London_0144First fog in London_0134
I love more and more the surrounding where I live now.

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