Monday, September 22, 2008

Joueurs de carte, inspiration

Yesterday, I stayed home. But still nourished "my artist" by discovering two people's art, one exemple of someone calling himself on the flickr "picassa2" is here.

It also reminds me of the pictures that André Kertesz has taken high in the mountains in a small pub, in 1929 for a book that was never published, then. Recently, a photographer from Savoie, were those pictures were taken, went to the French national pictoteque to whom Kertesz donated his pictures taken in France and the pictures taken in that Savoie mountain village, were published in a great new book.

Another way to publish nowadays, that does not have to wait almost hundred years, are in the groups of flickr for example. I just discovered there a great photographer traveler, going to another far away place each of his holidays from his music teacher job.

In my French blog as well the photo blog, I put some of his pictures, could I put one or two here for example? I'll try. That gave me "fruit for my thoughts." Nourishing, not only the "artist" in me but my humanity too, my soul.

By Emmanuel Snague

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  1. Emmanuel Snague's photos are very interesting. Thank you for sharing.