Sunday, September 28, 2008


This scene could be anywhere in UK, but it was in Bath, after six afternoon. Lots of people of all ages drinking, mainly beer, and having good time.

I did also enjoy myself in Bath, also not by drinking beer, but discovering an old town full of new life, very different from what I dreamed after my regency romances, and in some way a lot older, more interesting.

After having strolled two hours in the centre (yes, there is a parking under the Hilton near the river), assisting at the beautiful colour the sun painted at dawn the old buildings, almost at the last minutes going to take my car, I discovered a bridge with old shops on it, like those so famous in Florence.

The houses, the shops, are still on the bridge!

I came home, this morning after lots of other adventures, lost and found, night and fog, a good night sleep at Days Inn and lost again in fog this morning. But at eight, I was already taking my breakfast home. It is wonderful to go away, to discover, to experiment, it is wonderful to be home, too!

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