Friday, September 5, 2008


The first time in my life, I entered a lodging furnished. The table, the chairs, the armchairs, were already there.

I would have never choosen this table even if I love round table. But the glass seems fragile for me. Also, being near the window, it does reflect the sky and the clouds can be seen on it, almost like in a mirror.

There are joys in everything.

Yesterday, one more furniture was added : bookselves that my grand children helped to clue. The clues are not for the wall, but to keep the behind in place, neverless, it is not easy to put in clues so I did admire their work, and more they put the better they became.

Yesterday, I received a letter explaining my telephone bill and an email telling me all is well with my line. "Just try again." We did try again and again and nothing works.

Oups, that is not true: the line is redirected and when called, someone does answer, not bothered at all that my number leads to them! Finally, I wrote not only an email but also a letter, I hope some action will be taken with time. But the time until all is fixed seems long, so today I'll try to call again.

Of course, not from home, that is still impossible, and already I spend more money on my portable trying to call BT then a whole month fee! So I'll try to call them from a "normal" telephone line, and even if they put me on queue, making me wait and wait, finally someone will come to answer! I hope.

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  1. I find it very strange to live in a flat furnished by someone else, because I would choose different furninture. We also have a glass table and it is impossible to keep clean with the small child around, though the glass is less fragile than it appears as so far it survived a lot of hitting from my daughter (some accidental and some on purpose).

    Hope your phone line will be sorted out soon.