Sunday, September 7, 2008

Along the canal from Little Venice

I succeded to create with Photo Story 3 from Microsoft a video about my stroll along, what I think now is the Grand Union Canal, starting from Little Venice but, I believe now, not in the Regent park direction as I did believe but the other one.

I did try first with Photoshop Elements's slideshow maker, but the diapo also beautiful and even better then this one, occupies more then 12 times more space and I cannot upload it. Then I tried with Picassa, probably because of the 300 pictures, it crashed. But Photo story, that I downloaded free from Microsoft (after it verified I have a legal copy of the system) made an uploadable video.

It is now transformed in suitable formats by that I use for my videos, and thus it will let you follow my steps as if you were with me that day - the day I was told to come and sign the apartment I am in now. I was almost at the end of the stroll when the renting agency reached me by my mobile "come in and sign, it has been approved".

Or if pressed with time, here are just a few of the images in a Billboard Slide show.

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