Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In fog

Even the fog can be beautiful, but having your phone redirected to a shop, someone else, unknown answering for you is not fun.

I feel like I was in a fog, from the time I asked for the phone line, almost two weeks now and my telephone did not work more then 24 hours, from monday morning to tuesday morning.

I try to call BT and they put me on hold or "test" but nothing changes. At the begining, I could call but not be called, now the call is redirected and I cannt call either.

Any number I try to call, even the BT help number, I am answered: "the number you dialed has not been recognized."

Monday someone from BT did come early in the morning and checked: "nothing wrong inside" he told me after verifications. Then called to tell me he fixed outside and that it does work.

That was true for exactly a day!

Then, I could not even call. That would not be so bad, but redirecting it to an unkown place is really not good, people whom I given my number, even if it was or is temporary, call and do not understand who answers instead of me.

I also tried complaning on-line, and they direct me to a formular that does not accept the french keyboard's @ signe.

Whenever I get to speak to someone from the BT they are so nice, but my phone still does not work! Should I find another company?

The flower weeps in my place, I feel.
After rain-1
What would you do in my place?

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  1. Welcome to England :-). From my limited experience something similar happens to everyone at least ones, somehow BT never seem to manage to connect anyone without problems. I hope yours will get resolved soon.

    I have no advise as one of my friends switched to different company without problems, but another one ended having even more problems when BT and new company had some type of misunderstanding.